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General Questions

Do I have to have an IBSL H&S policy to use Real Safety?

No, but MyRealSafety is optimized to link to the IBSL forms. If you do not have one, we can provide one for a reasonable fee.

Do I have to have an IBSL consultant servicing my company?

No, MyRealSafety has been designed to allow for companies who wish to self-manage their H&S activities. However, most of our clients have retained the services of a consultant to maintain the guidance and support services a consultant brings.

Can I set-up the system myself?

Yes. Once your company’s basic data has been input, you will be given a logon and password for you to access and set the system up.

How much would it be to have it set up for me?

This will depend on the amount of work involved. One of our consultants will be able to quote this for you.

How long do I have to sign up for?

The initial term is for 12 months paid monthly by an automatic payment. After that service access would be month by month.

Our company has multiple branches. Will the system cater for us?

Yes, MyRealSafety has the capacity to allow for single or multi-site companies. Administration and reporting can be done at branch or head office level.

We have an old IBSL system and do not use one of your consultants. Can we up-grade to the new system.

Yes, and you can continue to self-manage. There would be a fee for bringing you old policy up to the new legislation requirements.